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5 Times McBeck - Chapter Index

Chapter Index: 4 Times Rodney told Carson "I hate you" and one time he didn't

Pairing: Carson Beckett/Rodney McKay
Ratings: from PG to NC-17

Categories (overall): 5 times, Coming Out, Drama, Established Relationship, Friendship, Humour, PWP, Romance
Kinks (overall) dirty talk, finger fucking, Kilts, orgasm denial (sort of)

Wordcount (overall): ~7650

Disclaimer: The usual. I don't own them. Just borrowed them for personal amusement and to entertain the reader. *sigh* No money is being made of this and all characters will be returned safe and sound to their owners.

Beta: inkscribe

Locations atlantiskink, beckett_mckay, icaw, lover100, malesofatlantis, notmcshep, my lj

Table of prompts from the lover100

Graphics can be found here and here

The brilliant echelon_ga_l made a wonderful graphic for the last part ("The greatest Flame"):

Kilt!kink by echelon_ga_l

The first time Rodney told Carson "I hate you": Sunrise
Rating: M
Categories: Established Relationship, Romance,
Kinks: orgasm denial, sort of
Prompt: #001 Writer's Choice

The second time Rodney told Carson "I hate you": Afternoon Delights
Rating: R
Categories: Established Relationship, PWP, Romance
Kinks: finger fucking, dirty talk
Prompt: #070 Protection

The third time Rodney told Carson "I hate you": Protect and Survive
Rating: M
Warnings: excessive swearing
Categories: Drama, Established Relationship
Prompts: #056 Trust

The fourth time Rodney told Carson "I hate you": Secret Combination
Rating: PG
Categories: Coming Out, Established Relationship, Friendship, Humour
Prompt: #061 Secret

The one time Rodney didn't tell Carson "I hate you": The Greatest Flame
Rating: NC-17
Categories: Established Relationship, Humour, PWP
Kinks: Kilts
Prompt: #002 Writer's Choice

Tags: 5 times, chapter index, coverart, fanfic, pairing: beckett/mckay, sga

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