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Drabble: Rough Ride [McBeck, R], Drabble: My Brave Face [McBeck, G]

Title: Rough Ride
Author: Nicke
Pairing: Rodney/Carson
Kink: leather belts, spanking
Categories: er, kink, double drabble
Rating: R
Summary: Rodney begs for it...
Word count: 2 x 100
Prompt: lover100 # 081 beg
Disclaimer: The smut is mine, the boys are MGM's. *sigh*
A/N: This is for Inky, just because... *g*

I Knew You'd Help Me, I Knew You Could.
You Knew I Didn't Want To Be Misunderstood.

Paul McCartney, "Rough Ride", (Flowers in the dirt)


Rodney's POV

It had taken Rodney a while to realise what he needed. And it had taken him even longer to ask for it. He still feels guilty and ashamed every time Carson pulls that old, worn leather belt from the loops of his jeans. He does it slowly, teasingly, giving Rodney enough time to prepare. Gripping the buckle, Carson wraps the leather around his hand and trails the lose end over Rodney's naked shoulders. He is good, Rodney thinks as he closes his eyes, deeply inhaling the scent of his lover and the belt.

He would beg for it, like always.


Carson's POV

So beautiful, Carson thinks as he trails the belt over Rodney's chest. He loves to watch his lover like this, trying not to flinch. He understands what Rodney needs, that the pain is only a part of it. Like stripping off his clothes and getting down on his knees, while he's still fully dressed. It should disgust him, he thinks, because it's so unlike Rodney. But it's not. It's another side no one sees but him. It fills him with pride to see the trust in Rodney's face as their eyes meet.

"Please," Rodney whispers and Carson raises his hand.


Title: My brave face
Author: Nicke
Pairing: Rodney/Carson
Categories: drabble, established relationship
Rating: G
Summary: Rodney's sulking...
Word count: 100
Prompt: lover100 # 050 relationship
Disclaimer: The smut is mine, the boys are MGM's. *sigh*

Ever since you went away I've had
this sentimental inclination
not to change a single thing.
As I pull the sheet back on the bed
I want to go bury my head in your pillow.

Paul McCartney, "My brave face", (Flowers in the dirt)


He won't apologize, Rodney decides as he checks his appearence in the mirror. He'll go out, have fun. He can't remember the reason why they started arguing, but he's sure it's Carson's fault. He should pack the other man's clothes, throw them out of the window. Dashing into the bedroom, he opens their wardrobe and grabs a pile of Carson's jumpers. The smell is so very Carson, it's like a punch in the face. Rodney swallows and tries to regain his countenance as the jumpers hit the floor.

It takes him four minutes to find his cell to call Carson.

Tags: drabble, drabble: my brave face, drabble: rough ride, fanfic, flowers in the dirt, pairing: beckett/mckay, sga

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